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Helpless Spectator: a collaboration with Umberto, released on thrill jockey records

"a slow burning gem of simmering tension and tragic beauty" writes Anthony D'Amico of Brainwashed.

Perfect Prey:  a colaborative effort with Corum of Million Brazilions.  under the suedonim MDT.  

"immersive soundscapes that will transport you from the cold comforts of you're screens into a location yet to be determined"  writes Jasonc of Tinymixtapes.

Song of the Cactus House: An insturmental colab with Corum.  "shifts with the mystic sands of time, elastic hand-drums and glottal pulses snaking a mesmeric dance of death over cool, Arabian badlands." writes Gannon of [sic] magazine.

Hud Hud Hud Hud:  deep harmonic layers of invented and modified instruments.

"Transdimensional" writes NB of Freak.

Urban Hiker:  4d sound sculptures of fractal animations.

five star review from hhv records out of Berlin.

Secret Fleas in the Dwarf Palace:  "under the drones and unique vocal stylings are lyrics that come from real introspection"  writes based god.

Smoke you're fear:  Hypnosis lryics over gongtars, ektars, vintage tabla machine and lehara.

"This is a seriously bitchn' record.  Nothing else like it in my collection.  Definitely do what you can to track this down"  Auxout.blogspot.

Experimental India Radio2:  Colaboration with Corum, a twisting web of arabic casio keyboard samplers, vintage indian electronic instruments and fractalized harmony.

The Lodestones Burn Country:  A three piece based out of Oakland California.  "caustic, abstract, and surreal heart and soul."  writes Jefferson of psyoprecordings.

The Sperm, self titled album. "It isn’t really experimental, per se; it’s joyous exploration."  writes Jason Harper of the Pitch magazine.

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